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Nov 20th, 2013
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Some more great news everyone! We are thrilled to report that we have yet another member join our group. Actually this time it is a business owner from where I live in Miami, Florida.  Its owner Fred, who by the way makes my favorite ice cream cake, decided to give $30 to our case and bring in his own lunch for a few days.

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cakeThe Swedish Sweets Bakery has recently opened around a month ago. Aside from making great ice cream cake, they actually specialize in making a type of cake I never heard of before they came to our area. Being that Fred is from Sweden, he makes a wonderful pastry called “Budapestlängd.”  I’m not to certain when it came into existence, but  it is made with some fresh fruit, in this case peach, and is topped off with whip cream.

Fred started out at the Solna VuxenUtbildning, which from what I understand is a well known culinary school located in his home country. Later he would become a bakers apprentice in Stockholm, Sweden. After studying the art of baking for nearly 7 years, he decided to break off on his own and bring his skill set to the United States. Where he hopes his Swedish Sweets will take off and add a new layer of desert culture to Florida.

While I was in his shop he really gave me the grand tour. He also let me try some of his Dacquoise, which originally comes from France.  According to Fred, he threw in his very own “Swedish Twist” and although I am not sure what the different is, I do know it tastes really great!

Thanks again Fred and I look forward to returning to your shop!


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