Holy Camo weddings!

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Mar 1st, 2014
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We have yet another great story to tell you. Today I got a quick email from the boys and girls from a Camo wedding website!    They helped donate and as promised I want to help promote their site.

First I gotta say, I am totally shocked at how many people are into Camo weddings. It is really cool how people are leaving behind their tradition weddings for more fun type of events.  I mean really? I’ve been to a lot of weddings and they are the same, why not do something new and different?

Here is how it works.


Get everything Camo.

I mean everything has gotta be camo! The dress, the rings, even the men’s suits. It is amazing at how many different  types of clothing are made for this type of occasion.  Even the wedding dresses are soild half white and half camo.

Get the right food.

If you are throwing a wedding like this, chances are you are really into the outdoors. The meal you eat should represent just that.  I have heard brides and grooms doing things like a hog rog or cattle roast. It ends up being one big classy BBQ. To me this is great, whenever you go to a wedding you always end up eating the same old stuff.

Save a bunch of money!

If you wanna get hitched and are into these the types of themes, it certainly is not the most expensive way to get married. Compared to a traditional wedding, just about everything is a quarter of the price.  It is amazing how much people will spend on a wedding these days. Epically if you are getting married again or have to more than one wedding, this might be a really good idea.

Thank you again for your donation! You helped the world and in turn I hope this helps your business out some.