A Thank you to Tyler Anderson!

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Nov 19th, 2013
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This marks the first time someone decided to brown bag it and donate! My good friend Tyler saw a post I put on facebook and decided to throw a few bucks to cancer research.

If you are reading my blog for the first time, you should note that I DO NOT accept donations via this blog. The organizations and the rules for being posted on this blog are located on our about page.

A quick note about Tylers story.  He was a good friend of mine and saw the issues that I had to go though and decided to pitch in and help out.   He is a farther of two, a daughter named Sandy and a boy named Frank, and hopes to see a day where his kids will never experience such an illness.  Sandy loves to play volley ball and when she grows he she has big plans to become an actress. Frank on the other hand is a bit more serious, loves math and one day would like to fly to the stars to become an astronaut.

He currently works in IT for a company he prefers not to name. The good news is that he can expect to retire within the next 4 years and plans on moving to someplace warm, just not Florida, and has a good school system for his kids.  Although he suspects he will not be able to sit on his butt all day and will at some point decide to get a new job and perhaps even start his own business.

He decided to give $100 and brown bag it for two weeks, although he suspects he will cheat and just go out for lunch everyday anyway ;-)  I hope at the very least he stays away from the local sushi bars so he doesn’t blow all his lunch money.

We would like to thank him for his efforts and hope others will join him.


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